This curry chick is so darn fortunate to continually come across the most interesting and impressive bloggers via my blogging community The Blog Tag. One such blogger is none other than THE SPICE GODDESS Verushka Ramasami. Verushka is a blogger based on the sunny Eastern Coast of South Africa. Now I was lucky enough to fire a few questions to The Spice Goddess before she embarked on a trip to Cape Town.



Hey there I am Verushka Ramasami. A lifestyle blogger from Durban, South Africa. I am passionate, hardworking and a romantic at heart. I lived in London for several years before returning to South Africa some six years ago hence I have a mild addiction for all things British.


Much like the curry chick I am of proud South African and Indian Heritage. I am a domestic goddess who has been bitten by the travel bug from a very young age. My family, fur kids (Chai and Zara) and my friends are important to me.


I started my blog 5 years ago and never realised it would be where it is today. Various opportunities have emerged from my blog including travel, recipe development and working with some pretty awesome local and international brands. I am also a Brand Ambassador for Mangwanani African Spa as well as Curvy Girl Chronicles which is an international campaign to promote Body Positivity.


In a nutshell by day a lecturer by night a blogger/social media influencer. I am formally trained as a High School educator. And now I lecture at a college. Currently this year I  lecturing Travel and Tourism which I  am so loving but I have also dabbled in Hospitality and HR subjects


My biggest challenge with all the things I do is time. I find that I never have enough hours in my day to get everything done and get enough sleep. I do have a To Do list and it does help me keep on track.  But then again Life Happens….


Mentors well I firmly believe that everyone we meet teaches us much needed life lessons. Learning is life long and never ends. I have been rather fortunate to meet several local and international celebrities via my blog. MiCasa, Chef Jenny Morris, The late Simba from Top Billing, loads of radio DJs, Reza Muhammed (UK chef), James Martin (UK chef).

 10 random facts about me and you can read more in-depth details about some of these in my blog.

1) I have 3 tattoos.

2) I cannot drink orange juice.

3) I love the colour pink.

4) I have a fear of falling down stairs.

5) I cook a pretty tasty Fish and Prawn Breyani.

6) I cannot ride a bike.

7) I prefer a hard copy book than an eBook.

8) I have Bucket Lists for everything from Places to travel, books to read and things to eat around the world.

9) My favourite chocolate is Lindor.

10) In my past life I believe I was a British Princess.

I strongly suggest taking a wander through Verushka’s blog. The other day I found myself reading about her quest for a suitor and I was tickled to no end when she mentioned this   “I still believe in Romance and believe my Knight in Shining Armour is on his way though I must admit , I have been stumbling across some retards in Tinfoil masquerading as Knights.”  image

You can catch   THE SPICEGODDESS BLOG here or find /follow /stalk Verushka via






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