Big Fat Indian Wedding

Confession!!!!! I have a fetish! Weddings….Big Fat Indian Weddings!


Who doesn’t love a wedding? Recently a close friend’s daughter had a big fat Indian wedding plus I read and started following a fabulous blog about weddings abroad.   Currychick simply adores her culture and an integral part of Indian culture is an Indian wedding filled with wads of beliefs, music and colour.

Admittedly, the celebration of any wedding is epic but an Indian one; that can go on for as long as a week, is truly mind blowing. There’s often pre-wedding rituals like Mehndi (henna), as well as a 2-3 hour long main ceremony followed finally by the reception. 

Generally, Hindus attach a great deal of importance to marriages hence the ceremonies are a very colourful cultural extravaganza, vibrant and full of different textures, food, rituals, music;  just an endless list of entertainment and fun.

The wedding ceremonies are often unique, emotional and attendees can experience epic dances merged to regal scopes. An absolute array of rituals in addition to etiquette are often connected with weddings. Honestly, the Indian wedding is a festival in itself!

So currychick has gathered some classic links to some awesome weddings epitomising all of the above. Enjoy!

  •  See great tips for attending an Indian wedding  here !!!
  • This fantastic wedding website had me hooked as you can read all about an awesome, inspiring featured bridal couple  including the proposal!!
  • Check out this lavish big fat wedding held by the Gupta’s in SA  here !!!!!
  • Currychick absolutely loves this amazing Tamil Hindu wedding video by CineStyle Weddings.  It’s a must see!

 Thanks goes to  :

  1. Siva Santhakumar from CineStyle weddings Studio : : CineStyle WeddingsFacebook Cinestyle 
  2. These incredible pictures are courtesy of ljeyash
  3. My Indian Wedding myindianwedding
  4. Indian Weddings in South Africa 

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Mel Naidoo says:

    Oh! Indian weddings are indeed Beautiful. I love the Way you presented the different rituals, the festivity and colourful splendour of our weddings. This blog was a feast for the reader.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. currychick says:

      Yes and the links I shared are truly amazing! These wedding planners and photographers sure know there stuff!!!! When it all comes together it’s magical.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!! Thank you so much for the mention! 🙂 loved reading your post today about big fat Indian weddings. I know I did say to you before but I would love to experience an Indian wedding – all the colours, traditions, rituals and festivities of the day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. currychick says:

      Your blog write up about weddings inspired me. I love your tips..they are so practical. Yes an Indian wedding experience is truly an awesome experience!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! Hopefully it will help ladies who are planning their wedding abroad 😉


  3. Parekh says:

    Indian weddings are grand and glamorous. Even I was planning a lavish wedding for my daughter and was finding some tips on the internet. I stumbled over this site and was glad to find so many ideas all at one place. Such stories give me motivation of doing big for my daughter.


    1. currychick says:

      Thanks for reading and your feedback is wonderful. The people who allowed me to share their sites and photos and footage can be complimented on keeping our Indian tradition alive. Good on you for doing this for your daughter. I am certain her wedding will be a glamorous and traditional Occassion that you will treasure forever more.


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