ANJUMAn amazing TV chef and food author from Britain and of Hindu descent is Anjum Anand. Currychick was kindly granted a go-ahead to showcase this wonderful chef’s work.

Like currychick, Anjum loves the cultural traditions of Indian food and this is reflected in her cooking styles and graces. Anjum’s avid interest in Indian cookery has also been intertwined with exceptional nutrition to make Indian cuisine both fresher plus simpler to cook. Her passion is to promote that Indian food is not just for a special event but can be as easy as whizzing up a stir-fry.

Anjum’s TV series and books can also be found around the world; giving Anjum global recognition for her work in the Indian food sector. She is a regular guest on TV and radio shows showcasing her expert and diverse cooking skills.

This remarkable lady exudes class, knowledge and grace and has been featured globally on cooking channels such as BBC 2 six-part series, Indian Food Made Easy and SBS Australian Spice Stories series. Her energy is unquestionable and she also has published works such as Indian Food Made Easy (2007) – which topped the Amazon best sellers list (even knocking Harry Potter off the number 1 spot!). Go to giveaways to win a copy!

Anjum’s longstanding business dream came true when she launched The Spice Tailor which is a quality range of authentic, home cooked Indian range of cooking sauces. The Spice Tailor went international thus these sauces are available right here at Coles in Australia.

Watch this quick you tube clip on how to make the perfect Savoury Semolina Cake.

To discover more interesting stuff about this amazing chef you can visit Anjum’s web page and view her cooking videos on YOU TUBE.  Follow her on twitter and instagram.

If you would you like a recipe to Anjum’s Cheats Lamb Biryani click here.

Pop by currychick’s Giveaways  page to win a copy of one of Anjum’s  renown cookbooks.

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