The Bokem Legacy: Igniting the Flames of Untold Stories

imageI am truly astonished at the calibre of bloggers’ that I keep meeting via currychick. Not only are some of them young and ambitious they are also super talented. For a while now I have followed a blog called The Bokem Legacy. I love the wealth of information on this blog plus more so that a lot of the features are to raise and uplift the community. I was thus thrilled that one of the admin of the blog agreed to take time from his busy schedule for a quick interview. Here is what he had to say.

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Luvalan Pillay and I describe myself as being awesome, ambitious and confident.  My passions are acting, teaching and blogging.image

  • Acting: I grew up knowing precisely what I wanted. At school I always dreamt of being on TV and at the age of 17 I started auditioning for drama roles as well as presenting. I remember standing at my first audition in the scorching sun. I was number 3546. I knew that this was the industry that I was going into no matter what. As an artist you have got to just worry about yourself and never give up. There are always people who will try to bring you down or tell you that you incapable. My mantra is to use that to your advantage and prove to them that you can!
  • Blogging: Another thing that is super important to me is my blog The Bokem Legacy. So my passion for starting my own talk show lead to a whole new world of blogging. I am obsessive about writing as well as sharing stories that will help, motivate and inspire people. The Bokem Legacy has grown so much over the 2 years and it is my playground; the place I use to help, motivate and inspire people.
  • Teaching: Apart from my extreme desire to blog, I am equally fervent about shaping and moulding young minds and therefore I am an educator.

My role models are my amazing family, my incredible mum, dad, sister and a brother whom I lost at the beginning of this year, so my blog is named after him to keep his legacy alive. My family is my foundation, my love! I have learned over time life is not a battle or a competition. Comparing yourself to what others have is purely unfair to yourself hence I gain inspiration from myself. I motivate myself and ensure that I try my best every day.

Lastly, the stories of hope that I share on my blog are beyond amazing; this puts my life into perspective and learning about others stories inspires me to live a more thankful life. I just love doing the things I am ardent about!  Consequently my mantra is to keep positive, go out there and remember your sole purpose.

imageimageimageHere is a list of some of the incredible celebrities you can read about on The Bokem Legacy:

Vase Kunene, Metals Maratha, Robert Whitehead, Leigh Anne Williams, Jonathan Boynton Lee, Altar Suleiman, Ryan nicker, Neville Pillay, Kamal Bagwandeen, Jailoshnie Naidoo, Maeshnie Naicker, Mishqah Parthiepal, Michaella Russell’s, Kgmotso Christopher, Asish Gangapersad, J Something, Tevin Naidoo and so on.

So what are you waiting for? Currychick encourages you to head on over to this remarkable blog to read some pertinent and mind blowing articles and interviews. Particularly if you are an expat from South Africa you will find a lot of this relevant, poignant and contemporary.

Online Links to The Bokem Legacy:




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