Life as an Expat in the UK

View from The Gherkin overlooking London with Tower Bridge on the left and The Shard on the right

Hopefully you enjoyed reading all about Currychick’s Life as an Expat in Australia. In an effort to find out more about what life as an expat is like in other countries I reached out to readers of my blog. I was lucky enough to make contact with a South African expat now living in the United Kingdom. Here is her story:


Why did you leave South Africa? 

I wanted a change, to experience new things and also because I’d had enough of the crime.

Why did you choose the UK?

I chose the UK as I probably thought getting a visa would be easier than it would be for the US and London also seemed like an exciting place to be.

What was the migration application like?

The visa process and all the paperwork was a long, tedious and expensive process. It was slightly stressful at times but I’m glad that it’s finally over. The “pain” was all worth getting the British passport in the end.

Tell us about your arrival?

I arrived to the UK with one suitcase containing my clothes and essentials. I moved immediately into a house share with some people that I knew. 

What is life like in the UK?

I love living here and this has become home for me. It’s great to live in a first world country where there’s so much history, things work, we have a great public transport system etc. The benefits far outweigh the negative for me 🙂

The best part of migrating has been:

The amount of opportunities and experiences I’m fortunate to have had. Moving to another country is a big change and it forces you to grow immensely as a person.

The worst part of migrating has been:

Leaving my family and friends. I have learnt to cope with homesickness by always having things to look forward to and not thinking about “what I’m missing out on in SA”.

Do you have any tips for aspiring migrants?

Come with an open heart and an open mind. Be flexible and adaptable. Don’t expect life to be the same as what you were used to. You also need to give it time before giving up. I wanted to return to SA after a few months but the longer I stayed, the less I felt the need to return. And if after a while, you’re still not happy then you can always return to your home country in my opinion.

I also happened to write a post a while on what to expect moving to the UK:

Would you do it again?

Yes, definitely. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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I am still keen to feature a few more stories on expats from South Africa. Readers in Canada, UK and USA etc.  Please come on board. Shout me a message via FACEBOOK or TWITTER or comment below to be featured. 



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