ME_325_SlowDown2.pngOne of the important messages I keep learning with age and acumen is that we really need to take time to smell the roses and slow down. Along the way, I have genuinely learnt just how temporary life is plus how essential it is to break from the rat race and just take some time out.

Decluttering and living a simple life, and making less more is the mantra I currently go with. These days I feel so grateful for this calmer, serene and quiet existence, free from chasing material possessions. I bask in having the time to do the core things that I love …things that interest me.

Some days I have just realised it is important and nourishing for me to unplug from the rat race and leave even the digital world behind. Off course with the onslaught of social media this can sometimes be difficult and takes determination and willpower. Initially I found it a bit punishing but I embrace it more nowadays.  Digital media still has a place in my life but  sometimes just switching off and sitting alone with an empty mind is quite invigorating.

long story.png

 A truly inspiring and wonderful blog that I follow has helped me immensely with eventuating this.  The blog looks at realistic ways to prioritise and live simply.It certainly is  enlightening to read and gain more insight on how to decelerate your life.


 BE BOLD! How can you make one change for the better to slow your life?



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