We have just finished celebrating International Women Day. This year’s motto is #beboldforchange. 2017 thus far has embodied this sentiment entirely!womens day
I cannot believe how fast the year is flying by. For curry chick it has truly been busy busy busy thus far. Despite curtailing my work hours, I am still feeling run off my feet at times. Yet I simply cannot grumble. Actually 2017 is turning out to be a superb year! The state of things has made my life chock-full of activity keeping me on my toes…..the whole shebang, from having family come over to live permanently in Australia to my eldest turning 21 this year. Work as usual has been demanding but then again the students I teach never fail to astound me with their sheer dedication, in addition to their commitment to learning, truly they are exemplary! I am blessed with an incredible job.
Here are some things that resonate with the year to date:
There has been a lot of this for me this year. I am embracing it all,  loving it tenfold. Sure it takes a tad of getting accustomed to, but I believe everything happens for a reason and for the best.change

Mine has been growing, both literally and figuratively. My brother past away suddenly in 2014, leaving behind his beautiful wife plus two young sons. Bravely my sister in law has chosen to return to live down under and create a new era for the boys. I am blown away by her decision and resilience. She is one of the strongest, most spirited persons I have met. I respect her for her selflessness. Despite a long road ahead with my young nephews she is justly valiant. Correctly, she embodies the International Women’s Day motto perfectly! #beboldforchange

I am a firm believer in this! Anyone who knows me well has become acquainted with my standpoints. I am not one for bull$#@! I love my own company and relish time on my own. I do not need others to generate my own happiness. My straight forwardness and impartiality is something I pride myself on.

Finally I have realised as with my blogpost  SUCH IS DEATH life is for the living….no one lives forever. Each of us is a maker of our own destiny. Accordingly, we must pride ourselves on living life to the fullest. Take the bull by the horns so to speak as well as reap out of life what we desire. Per diem I am reminded how transient life is, hence being mindful in addition to crafting the changes you desire is totally up to you, and you alone!

So in a nutshell this is how my year is rolling thus far. I am loving it, being bold with all the change! Actually it’s rocking. Accordingly, dear blog readers, I challenge you too to #beboldforchange!!exp

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