Currychick’s Vegan Roti

As you may well know my eldest daughter has turned from Vegetarianism to being Totally Vegan. If you are curious to learn more about Being-Vegan click the link.

I am always in search of foods that are vegan and constantly tweaking and substituting recipes to make them completely vegan. Most often I find the taste of the wholly vegan food quite satisfying and not entirely different, despite omitting or substituting an ingredient for example soy milk instead of cows milk.

As such to make Vegan Roti, Currychick omits the butter and substitutes it with Nuttelex.  Admittedly the roti does not taste as rich as one made with butter but considering the health benefits and that the recipe serves us all in one go I am happy to go with it.

So I use a basic roti recipe and quite like this one by “Queen of Spice and all things Nice”. Don’t forget to substitute the nuttelex to make it vegan!

PS! Don’t worry if the roti’s  aren’t perfectly you can tell I’m pretty hopeless at that myself!





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