My daughter turns 21 today!

photos phone 076I was about to launch this post by proclaiming that I can’t believe my eldest daughter has just turned 21! But hey wait I categorically can! It is truthfully a surreal, marvellous sentiment to declare that our little babe, born 21 years ago, has today developed into a fully-fledged young lady! Oh what a feeling!!

Today no amount of words can express how much my first-born, Kemesha means to me and us as a family.  I still recollect the day she was born plus that feeling of entirety, adoration and love that every mother feels. We have truly been blessed by this wonderful child in our midst.

In my blog I honour you Kemesha and all that you are and have become. Dad and I are truly so proud of you. Your charm, talent, kindness and above all sheer will power in addition to determination is incredible. We love these qualities in you ever so much.

We wish you a future of joy, success, good health and also above all of that happiness and joy at all times. Thank you for continuously gratifying us and being our child.


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