Feeling Chillibitten

I’ve struck up a friendship with an elusive yet interesting and intriguing food blogger. She blogs by the name chillibitten28 and goes via the pseudonym Bobby. I am especially drawn to her blog as I feel a kindred to Bobby on her culture issues and how she relates and integrates this seamlessly into her cooking and blog posts.image

Bobby hails from a big family where cooking, eating and family gatherings are a weekly tradition.  This chick is extremely passionate about food, be it baking or cooking or even eating! 🙂  She aptly states that her world revolves around food.

Currychick was able to quickly pin Bobby down to gather a few facts about her:

Bobby is:

  • a neat freak, food addict and workaholic
  • a qualified civil engineer bent on making her mark in a male dominated industry
  • mentored by her mother, granny and Julia Childs
  • proud that she has dabbled in the company of famous people such as the host of the ultimate braai master – Justin Bonello,  Jeremy Sheffield – an actor who took part on the wedding date and also with many politicians including South Africa’s ex-president Thabo Mbeki.

Head down to Bobby’s amazing blog Chillibitten28and make sure you follow her on instagram and Facebook too. There’s over 1300 posts…this foodie sure means business!!! She’s on Pinterest as well.   No doubt you will be bowled over by this food lovers talent and gusto.

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If you love Banafee Pie Try Bobbys recipe here 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Reblogged this on chillibitten28 and commented:
    I am so excited to be featured on your blog… Thank you for giving me the opportunity and these lovely words you use to describe me. I am so touched. 🙂


    1. currychick says:

      Mate you are ever so welcome! Keep doing what you do …you rock at it!


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