Last week one of Currychick’s Instagram posts was liked by someone called Nazzy Baker. Curious to find out more I clicked on the bio and lo and behold chanced upon a heaven of sweet treats and recipes. I was nosy so upon further inquiry plus contact I am able to showcase the fabulous work of this ambitious, enthusiastic foodie known as Nazzy Baker.

I discovered that this snazzy, talented lady is a fellow African Indian living in Sydney Australia!!! Apart from being a qualified Food Science and Nutrition Technologist, Nazzy works as a senior client service officer. Her food background and a certain fascination for sugar has seen Nazzy Baker spend hours upon hours experimenting and developing new recipes and ideas in her humble kitchen. As a follow on to this Nazzy Baker emerged.

nazzy 1

Featured on Nazzy Baker Blog and other social media platforms you can meet Nazzy Bakers two gorgeous girls. Involving Lulu and LaiLai into the Nazzy Baker journey is extremely important as it teaches kids to get out and follow their passion and dreams. You can meet these adorable cuties here.

Nazzy is married to her best friend who also happens to be her biggest supporter and motivator. Nazzy Baker has inherited from both her grandmothers a woman’s strength and determination to succeed in life. Equally her Mum and Dad are her role models due to their tenacity of character, determination and drive. In addition, her Mother and Father in law inspire her generosity and love for people.

Nazzy Baker is on a journey to seek and share knowledge about anything that involves cooking and baking. This amazing foodie is revelling in her journey thus far enjoying imparting her ideas and recipes with people all over the world.

If you would like to get on board the Nazzy Baker phenomena here are the links you will need to make your life sweeter one cake at a time. You will encounter oodles of interesting and useful recipes, blogs, pintables, videos, snaps and live feeds in addition to a multitude of awesome ideas. Do not miss out on this expert hobbyist baker and blogger!








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