Across Time and Space

Life as An Expat maps out my journey to Australia and in it I mention that several of my colleagues had relocated to Australia and kept proclaiming how amazing Australia was. One such friend and co-worker was Mala Naidoo. Mala migrated to Australia a few years prior to me and she and her family settled in Sydney. We have touched a base a few times hence I was thrilled when gifted with Mala’s debut novel titled Across Time and Space.


The well written plot is basically set out with interesting, contemporary characters and the book reverberates with mention of the gripping apartheid era in South Africa in addition to travel across the continents. Across Time and Space has perfectly captured mystery, human rights,  romance, intrigue and the perpetual human need for time and space and our quest for “renewed breath”.

I was ecstatic when Mala agreed on me showcasing her first novel. Here are some questions she graciously answered for me.

Tell us a bit about yourself: I am passionate about literature as a vehicle to address social justice issues. I have a deep love for inspiring reading and writing.

Describe yourself in 3 words:   Living in Truth.

What do you do?:   I am an English teacher and author.

Have you come across any negativity or nastiness and how have you dealt with the challenges or negativity?: I do not dwell on the negative but rather look for ways to turning negativity into positive solutions that might benefit others.

Do you have any Mentors or people you admire and why? :  I have many mentors from Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Oprah Winfrey, Margaret Atwood, Stephen King and the list goes to many more.  All these amazing people have my greatest respect and continue to influence my work and life.

Have you made friends/famous people through your work? Tell us about the really awesome people you have met? :  Peter Skryznecki, poet and author who I invited several times to address students on his work which was prescribed on the NSW English syllabus for many years is an amazing, humble man from whom I have drawn great inspiration. I was also privileged to meet and converse with indigenous artists such as the writer, Boori Pryor and the talented Sean Choolburra. I relive many times over being in the same room with Nelson Mandela when he addressed local communities.

Lastly tell us where else we can find you online:

Across Time and Space is available for purchase here .

Currychick is pleased to announce a Giveaway on this splendid novel. Click here for details.





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