#31 Vegetarian Dishes

imageAs the annual month long fast of Purtassi looms this Currychick is already pondering on what to cook.

Here’s a list of some simple, yet tasty vegetarian meals and ideas for your month long fast:

#1. Falafel Snack pack:  serve crunchy falafels with chips and sauce of your choice

#2. Vegetable Biryani: prepare a rice dish with lentils and vegetables served with sambals and yoghurt

#3. Vegetarian Burritos: mix beans, rice, veggies, avocado, sour-cream and salsa in a wrap

#4. Toasted Cheese and Chips Sandwich: serve with vinegar hot chillies, cheese and sauce

#5. Dhal: boil yellow split peas, onions, garlic, chilli and spices and serve with rice and pickle.

#6. Baked beans: serve on toast or as a pizza

#7. “Chicken’ a la king”: make using Fry’s / Quorn chicken fillets, coconut milk, capsicum and mushroom

#8. Mushrooms and Spinach: sauté and served on toast

#9. Vegetable lasagne: layer lasagne with butternut and spinach then top with creamy white sauce

#10. Macaroni and Cheese: serve with grilled tomato in a creamy white sauce

#11. Savoury Rice: steam brown basmati rice tossed with lentils and mixed vegetables

#12. Pizza: top with vegetables of your choice including baked beans, pumpkin, spinach

#13. Bunny Chow: use borlotti or butter beans. Check my version here

#14. Chickpeas: curry or braise with red dry chillies, onion and mustard seeds

#15. Burgers: top with Fry’s, Quorn patties, onions, beetroot, lettuce, tomato and sauce

#16. Brinjal Chutney: spicy tomato chutney with eggplant

#17. Potato: curried, mashed, fried, roasted, creamy potato bake

#18. Pasta: toss in a creamy or tomato base sauce. Add capsicum, mixed vegetables and mushroom

#19. Vegetable Stir Fry: include hokkien noodles, stir fry vegetables and some steamed rice

#20. “Hotdogs:” Use Fry’s or Quorn sausages and serve in a roll with cheese, onion and spicy sauce

#21. “BBQ:”   use a range of Fry’s or Quorn products and serve with potato, corn and baked beans salad

#22. Peas Chutney: cook in a spicy tomato sauce

#23. Cauliflower au Gratin: make a creamy white sauce with steamed cauliflower and bake topped with cheese and breadcrumbs

#24. Roti/Puri: serve with a curry of your choice or just plain with tea

#25. Curry Dhal: add eggplant (brinjal) and masala for a spicy variation

#26. Pumpkin/ Butternut/Sweet Potato: steamed, mashed and with a dash of nutmeg or curry the pumpkin or butternut with dry chillies

#27. Smashed avocado on toast: serve with feta, cracked black pepper and a dash of lemon juice

#28. Fritters: make with corn, brinjal (eggplant), potato

#29. Tomato chutney: serve with fresh white bread and masala fried potato chips

#30. “Sausage Rolls/Curry Puffs:” use puff pastry and fill with Fry’s/Quorn sausages, or fill with curried mixed vegetables, freeze and bake when needed

#31. Mixed Vegetable Curry: use yam (mudoombee), carrots, peas, beans etc. and cook into a spicy soup like curry

Here are some past posts with links to some great chefs.

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Check out their recipes for more ideas. Stay tuned to currychick blog facebook page for photos of dishes above. Happy fasting for Purtassi.  

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  1. Mala says:

    Thank you for the suggestions. Great variety to appease young and old gustatory needs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. currychick says:

      Thx Mala. Will call you next week. Need to touch base.😄


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