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So one of the things that I planned to start in 2016 was my own blog. I tossed up  with ideas and my busy brain is overflowing. I thought I’d start with a brief introduction of myself. So Sam being abbreviation for SAMANTHRA ….growing up I often thought my mum could not spell Samantha and I found myself constantly having to explain the letter “R” in my name. Older and wiser I love the addition of the “R” as I now understand the full meaning of mantra and realise that’s where the symbolism of my name lies. More about that here. Having migrated to Australia about 15 years ago, my birth country being South Africa, my heritage and culture lies in no other than the beautiful and mystical India. I now reside in Australia.
In a nutshell I’m a South African Indian living in Australia.
Hence, I love everything Indian, African and Australian and the mix of it all has shaped me somewhat.  This is what you can expect from my blog…a fusion of my cultures and a mix of blogs about life, love and happiness. Stay tuned!  If you want to get to know me even further read this post The Best Things In Life Are Free

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  1. ChevsLife says:

    Interesting name Samanthra! Welcome to the Blogosphere and happy writing and sharing 😉

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  2. NinaO says:

    Looking forward to your posts! I can relate a bit with my partner being an Indian living in Australia. 🙂

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  3. Alfonzowords says:

    Hahah I swear I read it as Samantha until I saw Shelley’s comment.
    Samanthra is a rocking name. Mind if you honor me by letting me name a character in one of my upcoming novels?

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    1. currychick says:

      Good morning from my end of the world. Sure use my name …would love to read that novel. I promise to look through your blog later in the day. Looking forward to it. Stay tuned to Currychick 🤔🤔🤔

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  4. Very interesting, great to get to know you better. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

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    1. currychick says:

      Thanks so much and I will visit your blog too. Keep checking out the Guest writer posts too!


  5. vishal4nw says:

    Hey I didn’t know you are an south african like me. Also glad you decided to blog. So do you ever visit south africa and what’s Australia like 🙂 Thanks for all the support you shown me. Love your blog btw. Hope you keep on blogging 🙂

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    1. currychick says:

      Thanks Vishal. Have you looked at THE BLOG TAG. Its a great way for you to immerse with other bloggers and rally more support. Next week they are doing a feature on me! Take care!

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      1. vishal4nw says:

        My pleasure, blog tag I haven’t seen! Where do I go to check that out sounds interesting 🙂 Wow u gonna be featured sounds exciting and good luck 🙂

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      2. currychick says:

        Google: THE BLOG TAG website or look at their FB page! Cheers and take care


  6. Vash Karuppa says:

    Hi Samanthra. Love you Blog, especially insight into your beautiful name. Keep the Blogs going. Take care.


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